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Pattern Carpet

Alter the perspective of any room with beautifully distinct patterned carpet floors, in a range of designs and colors.

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Weldmore II

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Pattern Carpet

Pattern Carpet in Bedroom

About Patterned Carpeting

Looking to add visual interest and personality to your space? You don't have to scale ladders for fresh coats of paint or update furniture and appliances. Instead, consider patterned carpet! Not only do you get new floors, but you can also alter the perspective of a room with beautifully distinct pattern carpeting in a range of designs and colors. 

What Are Patterned Carpets?

Pattern carpeting typically uses the shape and cut of carpet fibers to create beautiful visual effects, often making bedrooms and offices feel more luxurious and sophisticated. It usually features the cut and loop technique–a combination of low loops and high cut fibers–to create a durable, resilient flooring option. Patterns can also be created with different yarn colors in a woven cut pile construction.

Types of Pattern Carpet

The most common carpet patterns fall into three categories: 

  • Pindots and striations - These subtle designs flow elegantly through a room in wavy visuals that are reminiscent of the natural ebb and flow of water or sand. This pattern looks great whether you’re opting for a coastal chic upgrade or infusing organic shapes into your design. It can even have a widening effect in smaller areas. 
  • Geometric - Classic carpet gets a modern upgrade when patterns are incorporated. Stripes and herringbone patterns add classic elegance to traditional decor while chevrons and other geometric shapes can accentuate homes with eclectic, artsy vibes.
  • Swirls and vines - Bolder and often more colorful, this patterned carpet delivers a touch of the natural world, often emulating traditional area rug looks.

Durability and Maintenance

The resilience of cut and loop style of pattern carpet will largely depend on which fiber type you ultimately choose. Patterned carpet holds up better in your kids playroom or nursery with stronger materials like triexta, nylon, or polyester blends.

Maintaining any carpet with pattern helps it last longer, giving you more years to enjoy your gorgeous, comfortable floors. Get in the habit of vacuuming regularly to remove dirt and debris. Even if you opt for stain-resistant fibers, clean up spills and accidents right away by following the manufacturer's instructions.


Like all carpet types, the duration of your patterned carpet will depend on several important factors. The most important ones include: 

  • How it's used and cared for
  • The fiber material you choose
  • Whether it was properly installed
  • Whether you adhere to the manufacturer guidelines

Opting for a thorough warranty will help protect your new investment and ensure you enjoy the perfect patterned carpet for years to come. 


We know that installing carpet can be cumbersome and difficult, requiring lots of tools, measurements taken, and seam matching, which is especially important with patterned carpet. We highly recommend leaving your carpet installation to the professionals, whose skill and knowledge will result in a satisfying and streamlined installation. 

Pros and Cons of Patterned Carpets

You’ll be pleased to know that pattern carpet has many benefits, such as: 

  • Its unique, structured look that's tailored to your interior design style
  • Hiding footprints with its mixed cut and loop pile
  • Fairly easy to clean

It's important to also consider the few disadvantages that can come with pattern carpeting: 

  • Generally costs more
  • Can show wear more than other options, especially in higher traffic areas 

If you’re looking for a patterned carpet for the busy areas in your active household, look at your carpet product’s label to find ones with long texture warranties.

Where to Use Pattern Carpeting

  • Hallways and stairs - Make the busiest areas pop with an eye-catching carpet pattern in a resilient fiber like triexta or nylon. 
  • Bedrooms and playrooms - Bold patterns and colors in naturally stain-resistant materials can add fun and whimsy to your favorite spaces. 
  • Small or narrow spaces - Use simple stripes or striations to open up and brighten any cramped, dark areas, like your loft office or a basement guest bedroom. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose carpet with pattern?

Carpet patterns give you the opportunity to add texture and personality to your favorite spaces, all while providing you a comfortable floor underfoot. 

How are carpet patterns made?

Carpet patterns are created using an intentional mixture of cut and looped fibers of varying heights. These differences result in a textured pattern thatadds dimension and warmth to your home design. Patterns can also be made in a woven cut pile construction.

What are the benefits of patterned carpets?

Patterned carpeting is an easy way to make cramped rooms in your house feel bigger while adding a unique element to your home design. Patterned carpet can also hide footprints and stains, making them especially useful in your kids' playroom or the baby’s nursery. 

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